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Team Motivational Quotes - Do you have a great quote of your own that you would like to share with the world?  Or do you have a favorite quote from someone that we are missing on our website that would help motivate teams?  Share it with us!  We'd be happy to share your quote with the entire planet Earth...

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"Information flow is what the Internet is about. Information sharing is power. If you don't share your ideas, smart people can't do anything about them, and you'll remain anonymous and powerless." - Vint Cerf

"Talent is always conscious of its own abundance, and does not object to sharing." - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

"Sharing is good, and with digital technology, sharing is easy." - Richard Stallman

"The original idea of the web was that it should be a collaborative space where you can communicate through sharing information." - Tim Berners-Lee

Team Motivational Quotes .com